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Canvassing is nothing more than talking to other people, finding out how they think and vote, whether they are registered to vote, and identifying people who will vote Democrat. We truly believe that the Democratic Party is the party of the people, and that when Democrats turn out in numbers, Democrats win. "One New Voter A Day for Democrats" is an exceedingly ambitious goal that not many of us will reach. But if we can each average one new voter per week between now and the deadline in June 2010, that will be over 100 new Democratic voters! Multiply that by our group’s total number, and it will be over 100,000 new Democratic voters in Georgia.

We are presently (and temporarily!) the minority Party in Georgia, which makes our role as "the loyal opposition" one of major importance. We Democrats are the oldest political party in America. For the better part of two centuries, the Democratic Party has made our government work and we must continue to do so. We believe in the middle-class that makes our country strong. We have proven to be the party of "kitchen table issues" - health care, education, jobs, help for the poor and infirm, and fairness to all people, regardless of race, religion or creed. We know a democratic government is a force for good and a source of hope. We have much of which to be proud as Democrats.

Canvassing is fun. It's even addictive! It is rewarding, because you know you are helping our state and our country's future. You will find that most people will be polite, willing to talk and listen. If you encounter an unfriendly person, do not argue; just terminate the conversation quickly and move on to find a more receptive person.

If you are going door-to-door, always be sure to take a friend; never go alone to strangers. But you can begin immediately talking to friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. about politics!

  1. Find out how they feel about the things Republican Governor Perdue has done and is doing, how they feel about the Republican-controlled House and Senate at our State Capitol . If they are happy with all that and you can't gracefully convince them that things have to change and get their commitment to vote Democrat in 2010, then take the process no farther - we definitely don't want to register any more Republicans! Don't waste precious time; if someone believes and would vote Republican, move on to someone else, and start the process again. When you find a person agrees with your beliefs:

  2. Ask if they are registered to vote. If they say "yes,"

  3. Ask if their voter registration is current - if they have moved to Georgia from another state, they have to register here. If they have recently moved from another neighborhood, they must update their voter registration with their new address. You'll be surprised how many people don't realize this and have not done what they need to do.

  4. Tell them that in order to make a difference in the way things are going, they MUST register to vote and be ready to vote in 2010. NOW is the time to send in their Voter Registration form, get processed and onto the rolls, and receive their Voter Registration card in the mail, telling them where to vote, what their districts are, etc. Give them the form to fill out, and make sure they put it into the mail.

  5. Enter their name and information on our "One New Voter A Day for Democrats" form. Set yourself up a file folder or binder for "Voter Registration & Follow-up," and start building your Voter Group for 2010. You will be amazed how many people you have in your group when next summer rolls around!

  6. Stay in touch with your Voter Group as the year goes along - send them a holiday email, etc. When we reach June 2010, you will have information about the upcoming Primary elections in July 2010 - it will be provided to you by At that time, email your Voter Group and make sure everyone has received their voter registration card and is ready to vote. If they want to vote absentee, you will also have information to tell them about that and help them send their request. WHATEVER IT TAKES! In this way, each one of us becomes at least 100 votes for Democrats in 2010 - each of us working at our own pace as "A Committee of One."

If you fill up your first Voter Group sheet, go to our website and click on "Resources," then click the link to "One New Voter A Day" form and you can print out more.

For Voter Registration forms, go to our website and click on "Links" and then click on the form to download. For a person to register online, go to our website and click on "Links," and then click on "Register to Vote."

While we are awaiting updated and vetted voter registration lists, which will be needed for organizing group canvassing efforts, there is nothing to stop each dedicated, determined Democrat from following the easy steps in this information sheet to immediately start building your own Voter Group for 2010. Shepherd them from now through Election Day, making sure they have a ride to the poll and that they have voted. You will gain an indescribable sense of personal satisfaction, knowing that YOU have truly made a difference at the citizenship level. In 2006, a Public Service Commission seat was won by a Republican by only 10,000 votes --- YOU with a Voter Group could have made all the difference!

Please do not wait another day to get this project started. Our future truly does depend on what we individually and collectively do right now.

Atlanta Area Democrats, P.O. Box 33682, Decatur, GA 30033, a volunteer grassroots organization that is not affiliated with any other organization.