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GA Public Service Commission re Power Rate Hike

Date/Time:Dec 21, 2010 at 09:45 AM

Plan to attend this meeting if you can, and CONTACT THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION TODAY!

In the wake of a recent settlement with ten intervening parties, Georgia Power defended their request of an 11.15% return on equity (down from 11.95%) to the  Public Service Commission at a hearing Wednesday, December 1. The hearing was the last in the case before the PSC comes to a final decision December 21.

Lawyers representing intervening parties that refused to settle, including Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, AARP, Georgia Watch, Resource Supply Management questioned four Georgia Power witnesses over the need for the current request and whether it will set a precedent.

Georgia Power's  proposed return on equity means ratepayers could  face an extra $10 per monthly electric bill starting in January. Citizens took the opportunity to speak out against this proposal at the hearing and delivered petitions signed by over 200 people asking the Public Service Commission to deny Georgia Power's request.

If you'd like to weigh in on this, please contact your Public Service Commissioners before December 21, when the PSC will vote on the issue.

Please feel encouraged to show up to witness the vote and weigh in again on December 21st at the public hearing.

Contact your Public Service Commissioners Today:

Chuck Eaton: 404-657-2020;

Stan Wise: 404-657-4574;

Lauren “Bubba” McDonald: 404-463-4260;

Bobby Baker: 404-656-4515;

Doug Everett: 404-463-6746;

The main PSC switchboard number is 404-656-4501.

Location:PSC Hearing Room
244 Washington Street, Room 110
Atlanta, GA 30334

Directions:put in address at for individual directions


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